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  • Overview

    The AutoCompleteView in Telerik UI for Xamarin provides users with suggestions, based on the text or characters they’ve already typed into the search bar.  Once the autocomplete provides a list of suggestions, the user can select one or more of them, thus converting them into tokens, visible in the search bar, which further narrow down the list of available items visible on screen. (more info below) The implications of the control across various scenarios are immense and can take the form of choosing from a list of airports, countries, cities, menu options, contact details, images, topics and more.  
  • Token Support

    With the AutoCompleteView users can search for and select several items in one control. These items appear as tokens that can easily be deselected using their close button. The tokens also provide convenient API allowing for easy customization of their styles, adding an image and more. The tokens are useful for selecting multiple items like tags or email recipients. 
  • Advanced Filtering Capabilities

    The AutoCompleteView’s filtering mechanism can be further adjusted to display items that either "Start With" or "Contain" any of the input characters. 
  • Remote Search Support

    The control offers support for remote search – a feature which allows the user to enter a certain number of characters before any search is performed. This way the search (query, API request) is deferred and the result is already trimmed down to a reasonable number of items, no need to pre-populate the control with thousands of items. 
  • Multiple Suggestion Modes

    The AutoCompleView control offers three different suggest modes:

    • Suggest – Provides a list of suggested items in a dropdown based on the input

    • Append –  Upon finding a match (or matches) in the suggested items list the dropdown disappears and the first item from the list is appended into the entry

    • SuggestAppend – Combines the Suggest and Append modes

  • Watermark Support

    By adding watermarks to the AutoCompleteView, you can provide the user of your application with guidance on the search terms and input requirements, such as “Select a city…” 
  • No Results Found Message

    In the cases where there are no results found following their search terms and there is no information provided on screen, users might wonder if your app is still loading or frozen. With the No Results Found Message, they will easily know that their search query did not find any results.  
  • Customizable Display Text

    Utilizing the DisplayTextFormatter, the text in the editable area of the control can be customized to display additional information of the selected item.
  • Creating a Custom Template

    If the default AutoCompleteView template does not suit your needs, you can easily define a custom template through the SuggestionItemTemplate property.

    The control features fine grain customization options for its various parts by utilization of custom templates for the following UI pieces:

    • NoResultsTemplate – the template used when there are no suggestions found

    • ShowMoreTemplate – the template used when the Show More view is displayed

    • Loading – the template used when the loading message is displayed in RemoteSearch state

    • Token – the template used for tokens visuzalization

    • SuggestionItem – the template used for the items used to display suggestions

    • SuggestionView – the template used to visualize the fitered items

  • Show / Hide Suggestions

    You can enable the control to show or hide all suggestions immediately, as the user focuses on the input field.

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