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Xamarin.Forms AutoCompleteTextView

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Telerik UI for Xamarin Time Span Picker Component
  • Making Typing on Mobile Easier

    The AutoCompleteTextView gives users suggestions, based on the characters they’ve already typed. This is useful in scenarios such as choosing from a list of airports or a list of countries. The control allows choosing one or multiple items. These items are called tokens and enable scenarios like sending a message to multiple recipients.

  • Suggest, Append or Both

    Depending on your preference, AutoCompleteTextView can only append the remaining of the suggested word without opening any popups with lists of items. Or, it can suggest you to choose an item from the filtered list of items that appear. Last, but not least, it can append the remaining of the word and open a list of suggestions at the same time.

  • Tokens Support

    With AutoCompleteTextView users can search for and select several items in one control. These items appear as tokens that can easily be deselected using their close button. The tokens also provide convenient API allowing for easy customization of their styles, adding an image etc. The tokens are useful for selecting multiple items like tags or email recipients.

  • Filter by StartsWith or Contains

    You can enable “Filter by StartsWith or Contains” behavior with a single property.

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