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Xamarin.Forms Accordion

  • Professionally designed Xamarin Accordion control equipped with various customization options, support for collapsed and expanded states, built-in theming and much more.
  • Part of Telerik UI for Xamarin together with other best-in-class native components for any mobile device.
  • Includes support, documentation, demos, learning resources and more!
Telerik UI for Xamarin Accordion Control
  • Overview

    The Telerik UI for Xamarin Accordion control is a set of collapsible content panels, which saves valuable screen space by displaying the content of only a single selected item from a bigger list, but also leaves the headlines of the rest of the items. The control is very useful in scenarios, where you have a lot of information you want to present in a single screen, that can be nested under larger headings and enable the user to navigate to and focus on a single item at a time. 
    Telerik UI for Xamarin Accordion Control Overview
  • Various Customization Options

    You can customize the Accordion controls’ headers (main items), choose their current state – collapsed or expanded and the color and thickness of the borders. In addition, you can choose to enable or disable the collapse/expand animation, or even further customize its duration and easing.  
    Telerik UI for Xamarin - Accordion Control - Customization
  • Collapsed and Expanded States

    Each of the Accordion’s control items can contain any type of content, which if all visible can result in a long and overburdened mobile screen. By using the collapsed and expanded states, the user can either show or hide each of the items, making it easier to review each of them separately or all of them in the same time. 
  • Theming Support

    The control comes with a built-in theming support that allows you to easily build polished interface with the look and feel of a predefined theme. 

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