Is Quality the Bottleneck?

This webinar focuses on explaining why the role of testers or developers as part of the QA process is so vital for the quality of your product and the success of your organization. Adding UI automated testing suites to a software delivery pipeline is the natural evolution for organizations aiming to improve the quality and value of their products. Yet, that requires careful planning and execution, but most importantly—empowered, engaged, and efficient teams to own quality assurance and make sure testing contributes to delivering the digital experiences demanded by users.

In the webinar, we're covering a number of important and valuable questions:

  1. Why organizations are transformed by the new digital experience paradigm;
  2. Where should businesses place the responsibility for setting quality gates along their software delivery process;
  3. How the economic uncertainty affects the role of the QA (cost optimizations, demand for increased efficiencies, and better-quality product at lower cost);
  4. How to improve the value you bring to the organization as a quality gatekeeper; - How to identify and develop the skills and roles that are critical for ensuring quality-centric software delivery;
  5. How automated testing can help you become more efficient within your organization;
  6. How to keep business stakeholders engaged in ensuring quality.