React Charts Made Easy: KendoReact Getting Started

React Charts Made Easy: KendoReact Getting Started

With the KendoReact UI component library, you don’t have to hunt down yet another external library when you need to add data visualization to your React app—you already have a set of 16 (and growing) powerful React Charts at your hands! This React Chart library comes with built-in support for interactivity, tooltips, zooming and panning, and much more.

Watch this video for everything you need to know to make beautiful, interactive data visualizations efficiently, with the help of KendoReact. We’ll use the React Heatmap as an example to demo the installation and configuration process and see how to apply some common customizations. And these are the 16 (and growing) different types of graphs in the KendoReact Chart library:

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Presenter: Kathryn Grayson Nanz, KendoReact Developer Advocate