React Charts Tutorial with the KendoReact Chart Library

In less than 10min, learn how to implement React Charts into your app using the KendoReact Charting Library.

TJ VanToll created this easy-to-follow tutorial to demonstrate how with just a few lines of code, you can have a good-looking chart customized with animations, title, custom axes, chart legend and tooltips. You’ll also see how to connect your React charts to a data set.

This video shows examples of using a React line and pie charts. The KendoReact Chart Library includes many other React graphs, such as: Area Chart, Bar Chart, Box Plot, Bubble Chart, Bullet chart, Donut Chart, Funnel Chart, Polar Chart, Radar Chart, Range Area and Range Bar Charts, Scatter Plot, Waterfall, Sparkline and Stock Chart. To see demos, visit the KendoReact Charts documentation.

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