The New .NET is Coming Fast: 5 Tips to Get You Ready

Learn the five things any .NET developer should know about the changes coming to the .NET world:

    • The 10K Foot .NET Picture
    • What's changing?
    • What's going open source?
    • How does this affect you?
    • Toolbox for the Modern .NET Developer
    • Changes in Visual Studio 2015
    • New features in C# 6.0
    • The Evolution of ASP.NET
    • The cross-platform story
    • ASP.NET RunTimes
    • MVC and WebForms
    • Going Mobile with .NET
    • What does Windows 10 offer developers?
    • Mobile VS tooling
    • Xamarin
    • Cloud and Data
    • Cloud BaaS offerings
    • Access to on-premise data