Blazing into Summer 2.0: SignalR Realtime Blazor Translator

The lovely LaylaCodesIt joins us to build a chat app with a twist. We'll learn how to combine some fun translation APIs with the power of SignalR and speech-to-text all from within a Blazor Server application.

00:00 - Intro
05:57 - Happy Birthday Layla!
13:17 - Why SignalR is so cool
15:45 - Fun Translation API's
20:41 - Building a fun chat app with SignalR & Blazor: Livecoding guide
56:37 - Do we have a working Blazor Translation Chat? Demo
01:44:20 - Realtime translation - Cockney accent
01:46:17 - Trying out a redneck API 
01:49:30 - Realtime translation - Redneck accent
01:53:49 - GitHub repo link:

Telerik UI for Blazor