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Telerik UI for WinUI


What's Coming in 2022?

We are excited to announce the new features and controls that are planned for release with Telerik UI for WinUI in the upcoming 2022 releases.

We want to thank you for the continuous support and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas for what next you would like to see developed in the WinUI suite in our dedicated feedback portal.

Telerik UI for WinUI


New component

The WinUI DockPanel component is designed to ease the process of setting up the layout of your controls. It allows docking child elements in different positions of the relative elements. The positions that determine the controls’ arrangement in the available space are left, right, top and bottom. If you don’t set a position to a control, it will fill the available space. 


New component

The WinUI PropertyGrid component allows an easy way to process data object properties of a related object. By utilizing the property grids’ auto-generation features and the editors’ capabilities, users will be able either to display data in a way that best fits their needs or modify it with minimal effort. Additionally, it will support nested properties, custom editors, keyboard navigation and more. 

PdfViewer: Password and Signature Dialogs

New feature

The PdfViewer Password and Signature dialogs are an intuitive way to inform the end-user that they have to perform a specific action. The SignSignatureDialog will let the users choose a .pfx file, representing the certificate, enter the password and sign it. Both dialogs will be customizable when needed.

Toast Notification

New component

The WinUI Toast Notification component is designed to enable you to create, interact with and manage Windows toast notifications with ease. The Toast Notification Manager notifies users about events happening in the workflow. For example, it can show a notification for a new email, a message from a messaging application, a reminder and other notifications from applications installed on the user’s desktop.

It will come packed with other features as well, such as:

  • Flexible customization
  • Ability to receive notifications for closed applications
  • Predefined notification templates
  • Preview at design time
  • And more!

TreeMap & PivotMap

New component

The WinUI TreeMap and PivotMap are data visualization controls that will display hierarchical data as a set of nested rectangles. Each rectangle will have an area size proportional to a data dimension, providing easier visibility and section comparison. Additionally, there will be color dimensions that will aid in spotting patterns, grouping by specific values and more.


New component

The WinUI Docking control is a docking system that will allow managing multiple panes in your application in a similar manner to Microsoft Visual Studio.

Some of the Docking features are:

  • Tabbed-documents support
  • Dockable floating windows
  • Nested docking
  • User-defined layout saving and loading
  • Keyboard and mouse shortcuts
  • And more!


New component
A fully featured Calendar control will soon be part of the Telerik UI for WinUI suite to help your users easily schedule dates through a user-friendly UI.  


New component
An intuitive component for input-based suggestions from a predefined list is in the works. 


New component
The Spreadsheet control that allows for editing tabular data with a variety of formatting options will be joining the Telerik UI for WinUI suite.  

Barcode: Reader

New feature
The newest addition to the Telerik WinUI Barcode suite will be a Reader. The control will decode image representations of supported barcode symbologies. 

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