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Introducing Telerik UI for WinUI TimeBar Control

With the R2 2023 release, The WinUI data visualization controls are introducing a new addition known as TimeBar. This component is designed to simplify the process of scrolling and navigating through extensive time periods. The TimeBar’s true power emerges when combined with the Chart control to exhibit trends within vast data collections. This control boasts a wide range of capabilities, such as defining specialized slots, leveraging commands, implementing custom intervals and formats and numerous other features.

See the WinUI TimeBar docs: Overview

WinUI TimeBar control Intervals

Document Processing Libraries: Fixes and Quality Improvements

In the R2 2023 release, the Document Processing team prioritized an extensive range of bug fixes, aiming to deliver a higher level of quality for the library and enhance overall performance. There was 20+ bug fixes in the PDF Processing library alone.

The PdfProcessing library now provides an image compression setting that allows you to set the desired compression for the images when exporting. The available options are Default, None and FlateDecode. Additionally, there is a new default implementation for the ImageUtils` JpegImageConverter and ImagePropertiesResolver based on the SkiaSharp library.

New SpreadStreamProcessing Improvements: Support for Importing Rich Text as Plain Text

With R2 2023 Release, the SpreadStreamProcessing library allows importing rich text and reading it as plain text without the formatting.

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