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New Control: PdfViewer

With the new PdfViewer component for WinUI, you can now display PDF documents right within your applications.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy navigation with smooth scrolling and zooming
  • Pan and text selection view modes
  • Rotation of the previewed document
  • Saving a document – once a user signs a PDF file or fills out its forms, the file can then be saved straight from the PdfViewer control 
  • Fonts – support for TrueType, Type1, Type3 and CID fonts
  • Virtualization for ensuring great performance with large documents
  • Extensible support for different stream compression filters
  • Support for documents encrypted with Encryption Algorithm 4 (RC4/AES-128)
  • The API provides different options for extending and customizing the control

WinUI PdfViewer Control

New Control: HeatMap

The new HeatMap control for WinUI presents data in a two-dimensional way, where values are represented in the form of various colors to make it easier for the user to compare and indicate areas of interest and spot patterns.

Feature Highlights

  • Data binding – easily plug your data in the control via its ItemSource or customize its data-fetching mechanism in cases of large data sets
  • Colorizers – utilize the built-in colorizers or apply your own
  • Selection – items in the control can be selected
  • Toolips – when an item is hovered over, information can be displayed in a popup above it
  • Row and column headers – customize the headers’ position, interval or alignment
  • Labels – the control features the ability to render labels in its cells, generated for the plotted data

WinUI HeatMap Control

New Control: Tab Control

The new TabControl for WinUI allows the creation of tabbed user interfaces in WinUI applications. Controls are placed in the content area of the tabs and the user can switch between the tabs and therefore access more functionality of the app.

Feature Highlights

  • Data binding – the control can be bound to a wide variety of data sources, such as Objects, Collections, XML, WCF services and more
  • Overflow – when the available space is not enough, the tabs will overflow in a separate accessible area
  • Flexible tab headers – tab headers are easy to customize by incorporating content or data templates
  • Customization – built in options for defining tabs position, alignment, orientation, size, style and more
  • Pin and close functionality for tabs
  • Drag reorder for tabs is available out of the box
  • Selection – manipulate the selected tab and define the control behavior on tab close

WinUI Tab Control

ChartView: Minor Ticks and Stripes Support

If you need to provide a more punctual view of the ticks in an axis, you can utilize the minor ticks support of RadChart. With it, you can define the number of minor ticks to be displayed between major ticks. Minor ticks can be heavily customized with the available API to define the number of minor ticks between major ones, the tick length, offset from the major tick, the tick template and style

In addition to the minor ticks, we have also added support for grid stripes. Stripes are the visual representation of the minor ticks in the chart area and can be used to display where the minor ticks are, for the user to easily spot the value of a certain tick and compare it to a data point on the chart. Stripes support defining the stripe visibility, style, dash array and more.

WinUI ChartView Control - Minor Ticks and Stripes support

SpreadProcessing: Insert and Delete Comments

The latest addition to the SpreadProcessing library is the ability to insert and delete comments in excel files. This functionality allows you to add information about a cell, reply to a comment or delete one. Information such as the creation date, author and whether the comment is resolved is also readily available.

SpreadProcessing - Insert and Delete Comments

SpreadProcessing: Cell References

SpreadProcessing now supports Absolute, Relative and Mixed cell references to entire columns and rows, e.g., $1:$2 and A:D. These come in handy when you need to work with a range of cells.

SpreadProcessing - Cell References

PdfProcessing: Support for Type 3 Fonts

According to the PDF standard, Type 3 fonts can contain lines, areas, shares of gray, images, graduated fills or variable stroke width. This makes them quite useful for displaying logos or barcodes. Should you need to embed Type 3 fonts into a PDF file or to manipulate a file that uses such font types, with the RadPdfProcessing library for WinForms you can do it all. 

PdfProcessing - Type 3 Font Support

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