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UI for iOS Q3 2014 (version 2014.2.1022)

October 26, 2014


  • Support for point labels.
  • Ability to add custom series with custom renders.
  • SelectedSeries property that gets\sets the selected series.
  • SelectedPoints property that gets\sets the selected points.
  • isSelected property in TKChartSeries.
  • visiblePoints property in TKChartSeries.
  • rotationAngle property in TKChartAxisTitleStyle to allow custom rotation angle for the axis title.
  • renderForChart method in TKChartSeries to allow custom series renders.
  • chart:textForAxis:value:atIndex method to allow custom axis ticks text.
  • didSelectSeries, didDeselectSeries, didSelectPoint and didDeselectPoint methods in TKChartDelegate.
  • radiusInset and displayPercentage properties in TKChartPieSeries.
  • TKChartColumnSeries and TKChartBarSeries are improved to allow min/max barColumnWidth.
  • The ability to customize specific axis labels.
  • The textOffset property of TKChartAxisLabelStyle is not working.
  • There is an exception when touching TKChart when there is no data.
  • The axis is not removed correctly when calling the removeAxis method.
  • The annotation position is wrong when using pan/zoom.
  • The behaviour of the trackball feature is changed. Now the trackball hides on touch up event.
  • The minorTickInterval property type of TKChartCategoryAxis is now NSNumber.
  • The TKChartPieSeriesLabelDisplayMode has now Inside and Outside options which determine whether labels should be inside or outside the pie.
    • To achieve the old None behavior, use the textHidden property.
    • To achieve the old Percentage, Value or Name behavior, use the TKChartDelegate’s chart:textForLabelAtPoint:inSeries:atIndex method.
  • The labelFormat, labelFormatter and labelStyle properties are removed from TKChartPieSeries. All label styles should be set using properties.
  • The TKCalendarEvent description property is renamed to content.
  • The TKChartGridDrawOrder enum is renamed to TKChartGridDrawMode.
  • The TKChartDelegate selectedSeries event is replaced by the following events: didSelectSeries, didDeselectSeries, didSelectPoint and didDeselectPoint

DataSync (Beta)

  • DataSync (Beta) is removed from UI for iOS. It will become a separate product shortly. More information will follow soon.

All Controls

  • Full technical support for Swift.
  • Swift SDK examples and documentation snippets.
  • Xamarin wrappers for all UI for iOS controls are available in a separate product. For more information, please refer to UI for Xamarin page.


  • The amount of events in a single calendar cell can be more than 5.