Release History

By product

Sitefinity CMS 4.1.1339

April 17, 2011

Upgrade Instructions

New Features

Lists Module

  • Option to create Lists and specify custom fields
  • Added List items widget with visualization modes: Simple, Expanded, Expandable, Anchor, Page link.

Sharing Content

  • In Content Block Widget added option to share content across pages
  • Added Content Blocks section for managing shared content blocks in Backend> Content

Pages & Content

  • Added option to create page redirects
  • Enabled support for additional page URLs
  • Multiple URLs for content items are possible

 Newsletter Module (Beta)

  • Added ability to import subscribers from TSV (tab separated list) file
  • Integrated with Google Analytics 
  • Option to create dynamic mailing lists bound in real time to another data source
    • From a membership provider
    • From a web form
  • A/B campaigns
  • Campaign Scheduling, Preview, and Statistics

Note: Newsletters module is still in Beta and its use on production sites is not recommended.


  • Added option to create custom fields in profiles
  • Added ability to create custom profile types
  • Users widget: Profile, Users list, Registration (Beta), Account activation (Beta)
  • Wrappers for standard ASP.NET membership and role providers
  • Windows Authentication support
  • Added option for users to switch their backend language in section Profile

Backend Language Packs

Data base support for:

  • SQL Azure
  • Oracle (Beta)


  • Analytics module: Added SSL support
  • Analytics module: Added Google Analytics tracking code snippet to the first-time setup process as well as the Settings page


  • Enabled output and client caching for Images, Videos, Documents and Files
  • Support for cache dependencies
  • Activated OpenAccess ORM second level caching

Upgraded Telerik productivity tools


  • Updated ORM Mapping to use OpenAccess Fluent API (Blog post)
  • Enabled LINQ support offered by OpenAccess

Fixes and Improvements

! Important Fixes (Upgrade is recommended)

  • Fixed problems with ViewState, PostBack and Lifecycle support
  • Implemented the standard ASP.NET Virtual Path Provider, transferred all templates to it (Blog Post)
  • Performance improvements in Pages and Content Administration


  • Improved: ASP.NET engine was implemented for page rendering on the place of control builders. This affects all public and backend pages except Page Edit and Forms Edit.
  • Improved: When empty, Page Title is filled automatically with Page Name
  • Improved: Added a warning message upon deletion of the home page
  • Fixed: Pages not showed in navigation show "HTTP Error 403.0 - Forbidden" when requested directly
  • Fixed: CSS files are not loaded when Pages are previewed
  • Fixed: Incorrect check for Create permissions in Pages
  • Fixed: Collapsing the Widget toolbar in IE shows "Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?"
  • Fixed: RadAjaxManager problems on custom master pages
  • Fixed: Layout Editor> News, Events, Blog posts controls -  List settings “Sorting  by Newest first” shows the same result as sorting by “New modified first”
  • Fixed: Page Templates - The first item in "Set theme" dropdown shows an error "'undefined' is null or not an object"
  • Fixed: Pages templates - Clicking on Back to Templates link results in error

Images, Videos, Documents and Files

  • Improved: Performance improvements in uploading files
  • Improved: Images, Document, Videos description is not limited to 255 characters anymore
  • Improved: Specifying mime type for Documents & Files is enabled
  • Fixed: Image Widget selector - the images reorder randomly and the user selection is lost
  • Fixed: Video Widget uploading dialogue -  "workflow violation" error when trying to delete a video
  • Fixed: Uploading images through the Image widget causes an error
  • Fixed: "Other Details" field is not saved correctly
  • Fixed: When images dialog is opened it displays wrong image until refresh takes effect
  • Fixed: Video - On public site video cannot be maximized
  • Fixed: Permissions for viewing a single library are not applied correctly

Content & Classifications

  • Improved: Added Events Date Picker for showing news with custom date
  • Fixed: Blogs> Sorting - SortExpression field value is hard coded
  • Fixed: Events - End date cannot be empty
  • Improved: Added an option for sorting by "Events Start" date in the Sort dropdown
  • Fixed: TaxonField does not persist and display tags when multiple selection is disabled
  • Fixed: Deleting category with associated images results in error in Image Administration


  • Fixed: Web Editor - In HTML mode incorrect <a> tag is inserted when a link is added
  • Fixed: Editing Blogs/Events/News widget designer placed twice in a row produces error
  • Fixed: Archive widget returns wrong count value
  • Fixed: Content Block - Editing hyperlinks on images doesn't work correctly
  • Fixed: Content Bock - Inserting hyperlinks to Pages on images doesn't work correctly
  • Fixed: "More than one item in the sequence." exception when two controls are registered with the same template name


  • Improved: All templates and pages are using Virtual Path Provider
  • Improved: Localized labels in login screen
  • Improved: Exposed Client side API for custom form validation
  • Fixed: Parts of Administration interface are not localizable
  • Fixed: Blog posts appear in RSS feed after being deleted
  • Fixed: Image URLs in RSS feeds are evaluated as relative links
  • Fixed: OutputCache Object does not match target type
  • Fixed: Project Manager - project file for SitefinityWebApp is replaced on upgrade
  • Fixed: Cannot save pre-defined values to existing custom fields
  • Fixed: Creating a custom provider for Secured Objects throws an error
  • Fixed: Administration>Setting>Password Recovery email body is not updated after edit
  • Fixed: The culture of the thread is not updated properly, when the website is set to run with one culture different than the default one
  • Fixed: Setting SSL for a site displays the login page in http and the user cannot continue
  • Fixed: Adding AdministrativeRoles in the SecurityConfig causes error
  • Fixed: Custom fields do not work properly for multiple providers
  • Fixed: Feeds & Notifications - add remove mapping settings results in message "Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)."
  • Fixed: Body theme CSS effects Backend in Multilingual mode
  • Fixed: RadControls show trial messages in external aspx pages
  • Fixed: URLs are not properly evaluated when using NAT or some sort of address or port translations and proxies

Breaking Changes

LayoutTemplatePath should be used on the place of LayoutTemplateName in custom controls templates. (Blog Post)

ORM Mapping

The change in ORM mapping affects all custom modules using OpenAccess for data access. For instructions on upgrade, refer to this blog post:

Additional information on OA Fluent Mapping API:


  • Basic profile type is built-in. Profiles for this type are created for all Sitefinity users from the default membership provider
  • API: FirstName and LastName moved from User to SitefinityProfile
  • API: Centralized method for getting display name and avatar for users (IUserDisplayNameBuilder)

Generic Content

This module is obsolete and will no longer be supported.

  • Generic content in Administration> Content was hidden
    •  All items previously under Generic content can be found under Content Blocks

(We recommend transferring them to the Lists Module)

  • Generic content list widget is removed from the toolbox

Generic Content Items which before the upgrade were not in published status (i.e. draft, scheduled, unpublished, or draft newer than published) need to be resaved in order to become visible in Content Blocks Widget. For a list of all items, see a log file: "~\App_Data\Sitefinity\Logs\ Generic Content items that should be saved manually.log"