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Kendo UI for jQuery: New ToggleButton

The new Kendo UI for jQuery ToggleButton component enables you to complement the text buttons with images or icons and thus enhance your app’s  user experience. 
Among the component's highlights is the ability to customize its appearance and switch between a variety of themes and swatches based on your specific needs and requirements.   
See the jQuery ToggleButton demo 

ToggleButton Overview

Kendo UI for jQuery Grid: Selection Aggregates

The Kendo UI for jQuery Data Grid now enables users to get a quick snapshot of some of the most important aggregates based on the selected data. You can use the built-in approach and display the metrics in the status bar at the bottom of the grid or create your own elements displaying the data. 

See the jQuery Grid Selection Aggregates Demo

Grid Selection Aggregates

Kendo UI for jQuery Grid: Toolbar Columns Menu

The Kendo UI for jQuery Data Grid now supports a global columns menu providing the possibility to display a customizable button on the toolbar to show, hide, or resize specific grid columns, as well as to clear all filters. 

See the jQuery Grid Toolbar Columns Menu 

Grid Column Menu

Kendo UI for jQuery Grid: Paste from Excel

The Kendo UI for jQuery Data Grid enables users to paste content from an Excel sheet to the grid table cells.  

See the jQuery Grid Paste from Excel demo

Kendo UI for jQuery Charts: Legend Display

The Kendo UI for jQuery Charts enable you to customize the legend of the component’s series. You have the option to customize either the entire legend or the legend layout for a specific series. 

See the jQuery Line Charts Legend Display demo

Charts Legend Display

Kendo UI for jQuery Components: Prefix and Suffix Support

Now you can enhance the visual and functional aspects of multiple Kendo UI for jQuery components by using custom adornments in the form of prefixes and suffixes:

MaskedTextBox Prefix icon

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