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Release History

Q3 SP1 2011

January 24, 2012

Q3 SP1 2011 (version 2011.3.1323)

  • New: Support for mock inside a threadpool
  • New: Support for asserting occurrence in extension method
  • New: InOrder option now supports asserting the order of mock regardless of the instance within a test scope (e.g. test method)
  • New: IgnoreInstance switch is now available in Fluent Extensions
  • New: JM now can invoke call with expression argument with dynamic value
  • New: Windows Start Menu folder with links to the help documentation and examples
  • New: JustMock's documentation now has Help3 version shipped separately in ZIP file
  • Fixed: JustTrace compatibility issue with JustMock (it will be fully resolved after the upcoming JustTrace internal build)
  • Fixed: Failed to assert method when passed with same valued int for a long type argument
  • Fixed: InOrder does not work properly when combined with Occurs
  • Fixed: Maximum number of times a call can be invoked when arranged with Occurs.AtMost() option was not asserting as expected
  • Fixed: Exception when creating mock from SpContextType from Microsoft.Sharepoint assembly
  • Fixed: Testing generic method with different declaring type argument
  • Fixed: Exception while doing Mock.SetupStatic(typeof(Mapper)) from AutoMapper assembly due to DefaultContructorConstraint flag
  • Fixed: Incorrect Occurs.Once exception during Mock.Assert when asserting call with mocked argument using Arg.Matches

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