Telerik JustMock

Release History

Q3 2013

October 16, 2013

Q3 2013 (version 2013.3.1015.0)

  • New: Obsolete APIs from last Q are removed and you may need to change your code
    • {expectation}.DoInstead (TDelegate @delegate)
    • NonPublic.Initialize(string methodName, params object[] args)
    • NonPublic.Initialize(Type targetType, string methodName, params object[] args)
    • Mock.DoNotUseProfiler()
    • Mock.Initialize<...>(...)
    • Mock.Replace(...)
    • Mock.Partial(...)
    • class MockClassAttribute
  • New: Mocking DllImport
  • New: Using matchers with ref parameters
  • New: Added new behavior - Behavior.RecursiveLoose and this is the default behavior
  • New: "Create Mock" code generation command in JustCode Visual Aid
  • New: "Arrange Mock" code generation command in JustCode Visual Aid
  • New: DebugView: Inspect and trace all calls made while debugging
  • New: Support for Visual Studio 2013
  • New: AutoUpdate included in Visual Studio extension
  • New: "Report An Issue" option in JustMock menu
  • New: Customer Experience Improvement Program
  • New: Future Mocking: Give access to the instance inside the delegate of a Returns clause
  • New: Get a specific instance of a mock inside the container when raising (.Raises) events
  • New: Improved exception messages for failing tests
  • New: Future mocking: Argument matchers specified for the instance part of a call pattern
  • New: Create mocks of delegate types
  • New: Mock.Raise and .Raises() raise non-mocked events(JML)
  • New: ReturnsMany - a method for returning multiple values with configurable behavior(JML)
  • New: Fluent Syntax: ArrangeLike
  • New: .When() - a generalized way for determining whether an arrangement should be considered(JML)
  • New: Detection if other profiling tools are loaded into the process and producing proper message
  • New: Check if profiler (Telerik.CodeWeaver.dll) and Telerik.JustMock.dll are with the same version
  • New: JustMock elevated features are now compatible with the non-elevated features of OzCode
  • New: JustMock Configuration requires administrator rights only if needed
  • Fixed: JustMockTestRunner workflow activity should take into consideration the unit test category filter
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException on arranged element
  • Fixed: JustMock and GitExtensions merge buttons in JustMock's Visual Studio menu
  • Fixed: PCL throws BadImageFormatException with JustMock add-in
  • Fixed: Fluent Assert ignores Occurs expectation set in Arrange
  • Fixed: JustMock menu is disabled in Visual Studio 2012 with Russian language
  • Fixed: Arranges from one ClassInitialize may spill over to the test methods in an unrelated class
  • Fixed: Recursive mocking for Arrange expressions beginning with field access doesn't work correctly
  • Fixed: Vstest.ExecutionEngine fails to run tests if JM's Profiler is enabled
  • Fixed: PrivateAccessor throws "Code not running" in debug mode
  • Fixed: Default keyboard shortcuts conflict with useful key combinations on some keyboards
  • Fixed: If JustMock and JustTrace are linked, JustTrace fails to profile Windows Store Apps
  • Fixed: JustMockRunner doesn't forward the child process exit code
  • Fixed: Running test with Visual Studio 2012 test runner fails if there are TestSettings attached
  • Fixed: Arranging occurrence expectations fails with future mocking
  • Fixed: DynamicProxy cannot work with signatures with more than about 128 arguments
  • Fixed: JustMock leaks thread objects which for large test runs eventually leads to an Out Of Memory due to leaked handles
  • Fixed: Profiler instrumentation with Mock.Reset() breaks tests that call GC.Collect()
  • Fixed: TestInitialize context not respected when the method is in a generic base class
  • Fixed: Cannot arrange the members of additionally implemented interfaces
  • Fixed: TFS workflow activities are not digitally signed

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