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Release History

Q3 2012 SP1

December 21, 2012

Q3 2012 SP1 (version 2012.3.1220)

  • New: Improved Mock.Replace support to mock mscorlib methods under a private member in SUT
  • New: Mocking of LINQ query for non-public methods using ReturnsCollection
  • New: Mock.Initialize support for non public members
  • New: API Update: Renamed Mock.Partial<>().For(expression) to Mock.Initialize<>(expression) to make it more consistent with Mock.Initailize() [Initializes all]. Mock.Partial is still available but marked as obsolete.
  • New in AutoMocking: Different instance mocking with AutoMocking container
  • New in AutoMocking: Assert expectation for a specific instance
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed: Unable to assert a mock when null value is passed for a nullable value type (e.g.int?) argument
  • Fixed: Fails to assert a method with enum argument that inherits short/byte
  • Fixed: Arg matching in assertion fails for an interface type argument
  • Fixed: AutoMocking DLL is not included in the NuGet package
  • Fixed: No JustMock project template in VS2012
  • Fixed: Exception when mocking methods that return internal type
  • Fixed: JIT exception when mocking method from MVC4 assembly
  • Fixed: DLL signing exception when mocking strongly type assemblies
  • Fixed: DoInstead support for Future Mocks
  • Fixed: Mocking member from struct is not working
  • Fixed: Exception when mocking a final method that returns a multi-dimensional array
  • Fixed: Exception "Profiler is not enabled" when trying to access a mock object via public property
  • Fixed: Exception for missing method when mocking generic type (specific user scenario)
  • Fixed: Mock.SetupStatic is throwing exception for class with generic constraint
  • Fixed: Occurs.Once is not working properly for shared instance
  • Fixed: JustMock installer does not allow installing only VS 2012 add-in
  • Fixed: Exception for invalid program when mocking SmtpClient.Send
  • Fixed: Error when executing original method for different instances in the same test method once the type is mocked
  • Fixed: Object reference exception in fluent interface for mock with internal methods

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