Telerik JustMock

Release History

Q2 2012 SP1

September 14, 2012

Q2 2012 SP1 (version 2012.2.813)

  • New: Use proxy instead of profiler to mock interface from base class when profiler is enabled
  • New: Support for mocking of non-public methods from proxied instance
  • New: Support for future mocking on collections (LINQ) through IgnoreInstance support on ReturnsColleciton modifier
  • New: Support for mocking of structures
  • Fixed: When instance is ignored for a method, and if Constructor.Mocked is specified during Mock.Create, then creating new instance of that type should not call the original constructor
  • Fixed: Stackoverflow exception when mocking a property that has set_ prefix in its name
  • Fixed: Incorrect assertion of methods with matchers argument when default value is passed
  • Fixed: Fixed Mock.Replace for injecting MsCorlib member that is located in another assembly
  • Fixed: Mock.SetupStatic exception for method with generic interface constraint

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