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Release History

JustMock Q3 2015 (version 2015.3.929.5)

September 29, 2015

Version 2015.3.929.5

  • Added: Visual Studio 2015 profiler integration
  • Added: Ability to use 'dynamic' for the non-public API
  • Added: RecursiveMockingBehavior should understand Task<T>
  • Added: Dynamic interface for PrivateAccessor
  • Added: Extension methods should find their repository from their 'this' argument and should not need OnAllThreads() to work
  • Added: PrivateAccessor should infer generic arguments when calling generic methods by name
  • Added: PrivateAccessor should be able to call generic methods if given a name and type arguments
  • Added: Add explanation message parameter to Mock.Assert methods
  • Added: Get accumulated bug fixes from upstream Castle.Core repo
  • Added: Support pointers in method signatures
  • Added: Make arrangements disposable
  • Fixed: Cannot arrange base virtual method separately from overriden method
  • Fixed: Update JustMock VB examples (fix warnings and errors)
  • Fixed: Can't arrange virtual methods separately
  • Fixed: Improve memory usage - new DynamicProxyInterceptor per repo, instead of per mock
  • Fixed: Transparent proxies don't work with abstract methods
  • Fixed: Transparent proxies don't record calls when they're made from within the mock
  • Fixed: RecursiveLoose doesn't always work inside the constructor of a mock
  • Fixed: Crash when calling managed code in a WinRT component
  • Fixed: WinRT builds are slowed down when the JustMock profiler is enabled
  • Fixed: PrivateAccessor doesn't work with transparent proxies
  • Fixed: Transparent proxies aren't considered self-equal
  • Fixed: InvalidProgramException thrown when method with __arglist called

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