Telerik JustMock

Release History

JustMock Q2 2014 SP1

August 11, 2014

Version 2014.2.811.1

  • New: Support for Visual Studio 2014 (Experimental)
  • New: Mock MarshalByRefObject inheritors
  • Support for NCover 4.5
  • Fixed: Passing ArgExpr.Ref(ArgExpr.IsAny<string>()) not working
  • Fixed: Can't arrange non-inheritable interface members
  • Fixed: ReturnsCollection doesn't record updates to the source collection when the arranged member implements only IList or ICollection
  • Fixed: Partial mocking on property setters fails
  • Arranging method to return a null throws NullReferenceException
  • Mock.Arrange cannot differ arguments if they inherit the Collection class
  • Fixed: Instances implicitly created by MockingContainer can't be asserted
  • Fixed: Passing a string in NonPublic arrangement matches ref string

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