Telerik JustMock

Release History

JustMock BETA2010.1.429

April 28, 2010

  • Support for Visual Studio 2010 RTM. We've also included VS2010 solutions with examples so you don't need to convert the 2008 solutions to 2010.
  • Support for TestDriven.NET. Now you can run tests, which mock final, static, etc. members, using TestDriven.NET.
  • The snippets in the documentation have been fixed.
  • Fixed some sporadic crashes of Internet Explorer and vshost.ext when JustMock is installed and when Visual Studio is in debug mode (either debugging web applications or normal applications).
  • Fixed issues with mocking some classes (and their members) like HttpContext, SqlConnection, etc. and added tests in the JustMock examples solution for these scenarios.

Telerik JustMock

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