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New JSP Component: OrgChart

Create rich and intuitive organizational charts with the new Telerik UI for JSP OrgChart component. Utilize its plethora of features including grouping, load on demand, templates, keyboard navigation and many others. 

Telerik UI for JSP Org-Chart-Component-Overview

New JPS Component: HeatMap

Display a multitude of values in a two-dimensional chart using the Telerik UI for JSP HeatMap Chart component. Take advantage of built-in crosshair and tooltip functionalities to enable users to obtain additional information about any value of interest. 

Telerik UI for JSP Heatmap Overview

New JSP Component: Popover

Plug in the JSP Popover component in any application to display valuable information on top of an anchor. Customize it through templates and take advantage of our professionally styled built-in themes and swatches to make the component match your application’s style. 

Telerik UI for JSP Popover-Component

New Theming Enhancements

With this release, we decided to make it even easier to style UI components and preview different appearances in a matter of seconds. Check out any component demo to explore the new look of the Themes and Swatches dropdown menu and find your favorite color combinations, some of which include Default (Main, Nordic, Purple etc.), Bootstrap (Main, Urban, Vintage, etc.) and Material (Arctic, Fuchsia, Lime Dark, etc.) 

Telerik UI for JSP Improved Themes and Swatches picker

New JSP DataGrid Enhancement: Alignment of Cell Values

The JSP DataGrid component allows you to align values within the columns, column headers and footers to the left, right or center in order to structure your data in the best possible way. 

New JSP Form Enhancements: Hidden Fields and Built-in TextBox and TextArea

The JSP Form component has two new enhancements. It now supports hidden fields for when you need to hide information irrelevant to users and it features built-in TextBox and TextArea items for handling both short and long text strings. 

New JSP Pager Feature: Improved Accessibility

The JSP Pager component can now be navigated using the arrows, home and end buttons, tab, enter, escape and shift keys. Visit the Pager component and explore its demo to see all supported keys and user actions. 

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Accessibility

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