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Telerik UI for JSP


What's Coming in 2022?

We're delighted to reveal the new components, features and themes that will be included in Telerik UI for JSP in the second half of 2022. 

We'd like to thank you for your continuing support and ask you to share your thoughts, plans, and ideas for what you'd want to see developed next in the JSP suite via our dedicated feedback portal.

Telerik UI for JSP

New UI for JSP SplitButton Component

New component R3 2022

Standalone, lightweight, yet powerful, the new JSP SplitButton component will allow you to easily configure and display a list of common commands to the app users.


New UI JSP DropDownButton Component

New component R3 2022

Previously only available as a built-in component within the ToolBar, the new standalone DropDownButton JSP UI component will display a drop-down list when the main button element is clicked. 



New Fluent Theme in UI for JSP

Improvement R3 2022

The Fluent theme will allow the Telerik UI for JSP components to follow the Microsoft Fluent Design System guidelines for web applications and will be available by simply including a reference. It will be added to the built-in collection of themes: Default, Bootstrap, and Material already available for Telerik UI for JSP users.

UI for JSP Signature Component

New component R3 2022

The new UI for JSP Signature component aims at providing end-users with the functionality to draw their signature in web applications by using their mouse or fingertips (for touch-enabled devices).



Theme Options

New feature

In 2022 (and potentially part of  2023) we plan to expand the initial set of  Buttons, Inputs, DateInputs, and DropDown component categories and address the theming options in the entire UI library. 

R2 & R3  2022 theme options roadmap: AppBar, BottomNavigation, Badge, Notification, Tooltip, Loader, Toolbar, Window, Dialog, TabStrip, PanelBar, ExpansionPanel, Upload, Editor, Scheduler, and more!

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