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New and Improved JSP Component: PivotGrid

The new JSP PivotGridv2 was built from the ground up and has an updated design to ensure the performance and user experience are as good as they can be. At the time of its initial release, the PivotGridv2 may have fewer features and less functionality than the original PivotGrid. The plan is that with the next few releases, we’ll continue to expand its functionality until it reaches full parity with the original component. If you’re already using the existing PivotGrid, nothing will change with this update. We will keep both components side by side until we see evidence that most users have migrated to the new PivotGridv2.

See demo of the new and improved PivotGrid v2 in Telerik UI for JSP.

Telerik UI for JSP PivotGrid v.2 Component

New JSP Component: Avatar

The  JSP Avatar Component offers three flavors: text (default), icon and image, and is perfect for displaying entities with small photos, custom icons, avatars or initials in your apps. 

See example of the JSP Avatar UI Component

Telerik UI for JSP Avatar Component

New Theme Rendering Options

 R1 2022 delivers updates for the Button, Input, DateInput and DropDown components with a set of common options that will help define the colors, size and shape of individual components. Throughout 2022, we will be introducing enhancements to the way individual components work with themes to make it easier to use your own design system.

New Theme Rendering Options

Modernized Component Rendering: JSP PanelBar

The Telerik UI for JSP PanelBar component has been given a small makeover, which is most evident when all content is extended. The expand/collapse arrow has been modified to a chevron, and the rendering & class modifications ensure that the child items stand out better.

The Telerik UI for PHP PanelBar component redesign

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