Q1 2013 SP1

Apr 29, 2013

What's new in Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q1 2013 SP1

  • Add OpenAccess Service: Data Services V3 OpenAccessUpdateProvider throws exception when trying to update an entity - Now the runtime error in the Visual Basic version of OpenAccessUpdateProvider code that is used in Data Services v3 is fixed.
  • Code Generation: Custom template file setting is respected during Fluent Model code generation - The default T4 template for fluent model code generation was always used by the Add OpenAccess Fluent Model item template. Now a custom template can also be provided.
  • Runtime: Periodic updates of an entity with Optimistic Concurrency Control and Stream data lead to data loss - Multiple updates of an entity with an Optimistic Concurrency Control specified - Backend, Version, Timestamp, which contains a Stream field(s), caused data loss for the corresponding Stream data.
  • Runtime/LINQ: Wrong handling of function arguments in addition and multiplication operations - Now when an argument is given to a CLR function that is translated to SQL (via LINQ), the arguments are provided in brackets when needed for correct handling of multiplication.
  • Runtime: CreateDetachedCopies throwing an exception when L2 Cache is enabled - Currently the CreateDetachedCopies method is stable with L2 cache switched on.
  • Runtime: ObjectConstructed event and IInitializeCallbacks:InitializeTransients not called for collection items when L2 cache is used. - The ObjectConstructed event was not raised when an instance is loaded from the second level cache (L2C) and when the instance is retrieved as element of a reference collection, e.g. Order/OrderDetail.
  • Visual Designer: The IsManaged option for navigational members out of sync with the actual value in the OpenAccess metadata in some scenarios. - Currently the IsManaged option for the navigational members is always kept in sync with the OpenAccess metadata.
CHANGED Artificial API: Removed MetaPersistentType.CreateEntityInstance method - The MetaPersistentType.CreateEntityInstance method is removed as it cannot support all cases of usage. The OpenAccessContextBase.CreateInstance method is recommended instead and can handle all scenarios.


  • Update Database from Model: Creation of missing schemas - The automated DLL scripts generation now include creation of new schemas, defined in the model and not existing in the database.
  • MS SQL Server: Support for FILESTREAM and FileTable streaming - Ability to query data and perform CUD operations against FILESTREAM columns and FileTable data storage in MS SQL Server 2012 using the OpenAccess ORM Streaming functionality.
  • Backend Configuration: New setting for disabling the creation of a prepared version for a given Db Command - New setting is added for disabling the creation of a prepared DB command version, which in some specific cases might lead to a better performance
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