Data Access Q3 2015

September 29, 2015

Telerik Data Access Q3 2015 (2015.3.926.1)


  • Visual Studio 2015 support - You can use our NuGet packages and code mapping in Visual Studio 2015.
  • New NuGet package: Telerik.DataAccess.Ria.Extensions - You can use Telerik.DataAccess.Ria.Extensions NuGet package to expose your data model through RIA Services.
  • New NuGet package: Telerik.DataAccess.Web35 - This package contains Telerik.OpenAccess.Web.dll targeted for .Net 2.0/3.5 projects


  • Unhandled NullReferenceException during build - Fluent mappings using mappingConfiguration.MapType(x => new { }) expression will no longer break the build when using Roslyn compiler.
  • Handling of persistent structs - Telerik Data Access Enhancer will not handle properly persistent structs when using Roslyn compiler
  • Enum values in LINQ - fixed translation of Expression trees involving Enum values when using Roslyn compiler
  • BinaryStream and synchronized OpenAccessContext - fixed ArgumentNullException that was thrown when accessing BinaryStream persistent properties via thread synchronized context intances
  • Compatibility issues with Microsoft SQL Server SP2 KB3072100 update - Improved version detection for Microsoft SQL Server product family to be compatible with Cumulative Update for SQL Server 2012 SP 2 KB3072100 (
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