Data Access Q3 2014 SP1

Dec 14, 2014

Telerik Data Access Q3 2014 SP1 (2014.3.1209.1)


  • Sporadic Level two cache test message failures - In certain scenarios the first test message for a properly configured MSMQ cache cluster used to fail and lead to broken Level Two cache synchronization
  • Empty transactions will no longer cause unnecessary Level Two Cache eviction messages to be fired - Telerik Data Access will no longer send hollow evict messages when they can be ignored and thus allow better performance of the Cache Cluster


  • Indexes over columns that cannot be indexed due to excessive column length are no longer created automatically - Telerik Data Access will no longer try to create unusable indexes over columns that exceed the maximum allowed index key length.
  • Foreign Key constraint names are now unique - Implemented handling of Foreign Key constraint names to guarantee uniqueness even when the names of related tables are long and automatically shortened
  • Optimized time required to merge two MetadataSources using AggregateMetadataSource - AggregateMetadataSource creation over large models now executes between 2 and 5 times faster.
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