Data Access Q2 2015

June 23, 2015

Telerik Data Access Q2 2015 (2015.2.624.1)


  • Visual Studio 2015 pre-release support - You can use our NuGet packages and code mapping in Visual Studio 2015 pre-release builds.
  • New NuGet package: Telerik.DataAccess.Profiler - You can use Telerik.DataAccess.Profiler NuGet package to examine and analyse behaviour of your data layer both online and offline.
  • New NuGet package: Telerik.DataAccess.Web - You can use Telerik.DataAccess.Web NuGet package to add OpenAccessLinqDataSource component to your ASP.NET pages.


  • Visual Designer and Visual Studio tooling is removed from product - Starting from Q2 2015 Telerik Data Access will deliver only the runtime components and code-only mapping capabilities. If you want to keep using the Visual Designer and tooling, make sure to use Q1 2015 version. For more information please refer to this announcement.
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