React FileManager Template

  • This Explorer-like sample React application demonstrates how you can use KendoReact to easily enable your users to perform common file and folder operations.
  • Built with components from the KendoReact library, which gives you 100+ professional UI components built with React for React, from the ground up.
  • Get started quickly with our award-winning support, detailed documentation, interactive demos and instructor-led training.
  • File Manager Component / Template

    Тhe React FileManager is a great template that will help you implement file management into your React app in no time. The KendoReact FileManager is an in-depth sample that developers can use as a demo for how to manage a file system within any React app. The FileManager template allows users to perform the most common folder and file operations like moving files around by dragging and dropping, creating or deleting folders and uploading and adding files from their local file system. The template is built entirely with KendoReact components, such as the React Grid, TreeView, Toolbar, Breadcrumb and Upload components.

    See the React File Manager component

    React File Manager Component

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