Configuring columns in the KendoReact Server Grid is a flexible process tailored to meet the diverse requirements of your application.

KendoReact Server Components are in an experimental phase and are not intended for production use. APIs may change without introducing a breaking change. Please refer to the Umbrella GitHub issue for general feedback, bug reports, and more information.

Configuring the Columns

The Grid enables you to configure its columns through its state.columns field. Each column exposes the following properties:

  • id—The unique identifier of the column. The field property is used as the default value.
  • field—The data item field displayed in the column.
  • title—The header cell title of the column.
  • width—The width of the column.
  • locked—When set to true, locks the column.
  • hidden—When set to true, hides the column.
  • type— Specifies the type of the column. The supported values are string, number, boolean, date and edit.
  • filterable—Defaults to true. If set to false, the column is not filterable.
  • sortable—Defaults to true. If set to false, the column is not sortable.
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