Represents the props of the KendoReact FloatingLabel component.

className? string

Sets a class of the FloatingLabel DOM element.

dir? string

Specifies the direction of the label.

editorDisabled? boolean

Specifies if the editor is disabled.

editorId? string

Represent the htmlFor property, which will be set to the label element.

editorPlaceholder? string

Specifies the placeholder of the editor. Used to define if the editor is empty.

editorValid? boolean

Specifies if the validity of the editor. Used to define the editor is invalid.

editorValue? any

Specifies the value of the editor. Used to define if the editor is empty.

id? string

Represents the id of the label element. The value should be also set to the editor's ariaLabelledBy property. Can be used when the editor is not containing native form element.

label? string

Adds a floating label that describes the editor.

optional? boolean

If enabled, marks the label as optional.

style? CSSProperties

The styles that are applied to the FloatingLabel.