The props that the Grid passes to the GridRow component when creating it. Accessible during the rowRender callback of the Grid.

dataItem any

The data object that represents the current row.

isAltRow boolean

Indicates whether the row is an alternating row.

isHidden boolean

Indicates if the row is hidden. The hidden row is rendered above the visible area of the Grid. Occurs when the Grid uses virtualization and the row is on the current page. When rowHeight is set, isHidden is always true.

isInEdit boolean

Indicates whether the row has at least one edit cell.

onClick any

The event that is fired when the row is clicked.

onDoubleClick any

The event that is fired when the row is double clicked.

render? (row: ReactElement<HTMLTableRowElement>, props: GridRowProps) => React.ReactNode

A function for overriding the default rendering of the row.

rowHeight? number

Sets the height of the row.

rowType GridRowType

The type of the row.

selectedField? string

The name of the field which will provide a Boolean representation of the selected state of the item.