Using with Create KendoReact App

To help you start a new project with KendoReact components even faster, Telerik created the create-kendoreact-app tool on top of the well-known Create React App.

If you are interested in a complete tutorial that demonstrates the use of create-kendoreact-app, see the KendoReact Getting Started article.

Create KendoReact App

The create-kendoreact-app tool is a thin wrapper around create-react-app. It provides a setup wizard that guides the user through the process of creating a new React application with KendoReact components.

The following code snippet shows how to start building a new app with the Create KendoReact App tool:

npx create-kendoreact-app

The create-kendoreact-app script takes you through the following questions and then scaffolds a new React project with the technologies that you select:

? What is the name of your project? my-kendoreact-app
? Do you want to use TypeScript? Yes
? Do you want to use SASS? Yes
? Which Kendo UI Theme do you want to use?
❯ bootstrap


The create-kendoreact-app tool accepts the same options as create-react-app and adds the following on top:

  • --theme
  • --typescript
  • --sass

The options listed above allow you to skip the create-kendoreact-app wizard and set these options as arguments, for example:

npx create-kendoreact-app my-kendoreact-app --typescript --sass --theme=material

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