Using with Create KendoReact App

To help you start a new project with KendoReact components even faster, Telerik created the create-kendoreact-app tool on top of the well-known Create React App.

If you are interested in a complete tutorial that demonstrates the use of create-kendoreact-app, see the KendoReact Getting Started article.

Create KendoReact App

The create-kendoreact-app tool is a thin wrapper around create-react-app. It provides a setup wizard that guides the user through the process of creating a new React application with KendoReact components.

The following code snippet shows how to start building a new app with the Create KendoReact App tool:

npx create-kendoreact-app

The create-kendoreact-app script takes you through the following questions and then scaffolds a new React project with the technologies that you select:

? What is the name of your project? my-kendoreact-app
? Do you want to use TypeScript? Yes
? Do you want to use SASS? Yes
? Which Kendo UI Theme do you want to use?
❯ bootstrap


The create-kendoreact-app tool accepts the same options as create-react-app and adds the following on top:

  • --theme
  • --typescript
  • --sass

The options listed above allow you to skip the create-kendoreact-app wizard and set these options as arguments, for example:

npx create-kendoreact-app my-kendoreact-app --typescript --sass --theme=material

Activating Your License Key

Using any of the UI components in the KendoReact library requires either a commercial license key or an active trial license key.

Since version 5.16.0 (26 July 2023) of KendoReact, a missing license causes a watermark to appear over selected components. For more information, see the Invalid License section.

To experience the full potential of the KendoReact components, follow the instructions on the My License page to activate your license and hide the invalid/non-activated license attributes.