The KendoReact Gantt enables you to display only those Gantt records which meet specified criteria.

Getting Started

To enable filtering:

  1. Set the filter prop of the Gantt. The filtering conditions are declared as FilterDescriptors.
  2. Handle the onFilterChange or the onDataStateChange event of the Gantt, and filter the data manually or by using the filterBy function.
  3. Pass the component which will be responsible for the filtering of the column by using the filter prop.

Each consecutive filter is added to the previous ones and reduces the subset of data.

Filter Rows

By default, when filtering is enabled, the Gantt renders a filter row in its header. Based on the type of the filter component which is set in the filter prop of the columns, the filter row displays components in each column header where the user can filter string, numeric, boolean, or date inputs.

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