The PDF generation options.

author? string

The author (metadata) of the PDF document.

creator? string (default: 'Kendo UI PDF Generator')

The creator (metadata) of the PDF document.

date? Date

The date when the PDF document is created. Defaults to new Date().

keywords? string

The keywords (metadata) of the PDF document.

landscape? boolean (default: false)

A flag which indicates if the page will be in a landscape orientation. By default, the page is in a portrait orientation.

margin? string | number | PageMargin

Specifies the margins of the page (see example).

The supported units are:

  • "mm"
  • "cm"
  • "in"
  • "pt" (default).

Numbers are considered to be points ("pt").

multiPage? boolean

A flag indicating whether to export the child groups as separate pages.

paperSize? PaperSize (default: 'auto')

Specifies the paper size of the PDF document (see example). The default "auto" setting means the paper size is determined by the content. The size of the content in pixels matches the size of the output in points (1 pixel = 1/72 inch).

The supported values are:

  • A predefined size. The supported paper sizes are: A0-A10, B0-B10, C0-C10, Executive, Folio, Legal, Letter, Tabloid.
  • An array of two numbers specifying the width and height in points (1pt = 1/72in).
  • An array of two strings specifying the width and height in units. The supported units are "mm", "cm", "in", and "pt".

producer? string

The producer (metadata) of the PDF document.

subject? string

The subject (metadata) of the PDF document.

title? string

The title (metadata) of the PDF document.