The following list provides definitions of:

Common Terms



A package contains one or more components which are stored in a single repository and distributed as a single NPM package.

Specific Terms


(*Plural axes*) A fixed reference line for the measuring coordinates.

Chart Area

A container for all Chart elements.


Lines which are perpendicular to the axes and enable the user to see the exact value at the current cursor position.

Error Bars

Indicate the variability of the Chart data.

Plot Area

A container for the data that is enclosed between the axes.

Plot Band

Highlight a specific range of an axis.


(*Plural series*) A list of data points with a set visualization typefor example, line, column, and others. The data points can be plain numbers, arrays (tuples), or objects.


A data structure which consists of multiple partsfor example, (1, 2), ('a', 'b', 4). In JavaScript, tuples are typically represented as arrays.