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Movement Restriction

The DragTarget directive allows you to move the element only within the boundaries of a specified container.

The following example demonstrates how to restrict the element movement within the container boundaries.

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To implement the container restriction demonstrated above, you will need the following information:

  • The initial clientX/clientY—The client coordinates where the dragging begins (retrieved from the onDragStart event).
  • The current clientX/clientY—The client coordinates of the current positioning of the pointer (retrieved on each onDrag event).

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the same setup:

  1. Set the mode property to manual in order to take full control over the drag and drop action.

  2. Handle the onDragStart event to get the initial clientX and clientY values and to get the current DragTarget HTML element.

    public handleDragStart(ev: DragTargetDragStartEvent): void {
        this.currDragTarget = e.dragTarget;
        this.renderer.setStyle(this.currDragTarget, 'transition', 'none');

        this.initialPosition = {
            x: e.dragEvent.clientX,
            y: e.dragEvent.clientY
  1. Handle the onDrag event to calculate the current position of the DragTarget and to apply the corresponding transform style to the element.
    public handleDrag(ev: DragTargetDragEvent): void {
        this.currentPosition = {
            x: e.dragEvent.clientX - this.initialPosition.x,
            y: e.dragEvent.clientY - this.initialPosition.y

        const transformStyle = this.getTransform();
        this.renderer.setStyle(this.currDragTarget, 'transform', transformStyle);

    private getTransform(): string {
        const parentRect = this.currDragTarget.parentElement.getBoundingClientRect();
        const elRect = this.currDragTarget.getBoundingClientRect();
        const xMax = (parentRect.width - elRect.width)/2;
        const yMax = (parentRect.height - elRect.height)/2;
        const updatedPosition = {x: 0, y: 0};

        // the xMax/yMax value can either be a positive or a negative number depending on the dragging direction
        if (this.currentPosition.x > 0) {
            updatedPosition.x = Math.max(0, Math.min(this.currentPosition.x, xMax));
        } else {
            updatedPosition.x = Math.min(0, Math.max(this.currentPosition.x, -xMax));

        if (this.currentPosition.y > 0) {
            updatedPosition.y = Math.max(0, Math.min(this.currentPosition.y, yMax));
        } else {
            updatedPosition.y = Math.min(0, Math.max(this.currentPosition.y, -yMax));

        return `translate(${updatedPosition.x}px, ${updatedPosition.y}px)`;
  1. Handle the onRelease event to remove the transform style and add/remove any other styling rules.
    public handleRelease(): void {
        this.btnText = 'Press Me!';

        if (this.currDragTarget) {
            this.renderer.removeStyle(this.currDragTarget, 'transform');
            this.renderer.setStyle(this.currDragTarget, 'transition', this.dragTargetTransition);

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