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Determines if the string comparison is case-insensitive. By defualt, a case-insensitive filtering will be performed.


"strict" | "lenient"

Determines the behavior of the filtering algorithm.

  • "strict"does not show child nodes of filter matches. Instead, only matching nodes themselves are displayed.
  • "lenient"all child nodes of each filter match are included in the filter results.


"contains" | "doesnotcontain" | "startswith" | "doesnotstartwith" | "endswith" | "doesnotendwith" | MatcherFunction

The filter operator (comparison).

The supported operators are:

  • "contains"
  • "doesnotcontain"
  • "startswith"
  • "doesnotstartwith"
  • "endswith"
  • "doesnotendwith"

The default operator is "contains".

A custom matcher function can also be provided to the filter settings object:

const matcher: MatcherFunction = (dataItem: object, searchTerm: string) => dataItem.firstName.indexOf(searchTerm) >= 0;

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