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Pager Settings

To configure the TreeList pager, pass the PagerSettings object to the pageable option of the TreeList.

The PagerSettings object has the following fields:

  • buttonCount—Sets the maximum numeric buttons count before collapsing the buttons. Defaults to 10.
  • countChildren—Indicates if the child nodes must be fetched and counted for the pager total. By default, the TreeList fetches all child nodes when the paging is enabled. Set this option to false to disable this behavior.
  • info—Toggles the information about the current page and the total number of records. Defaults to true.
  • pageSizes—Shows a menu for selecting the page size. Defaults to false.
  • previousNext—Toggles the Previous and Next buttons. Defaults to true.
  • type—Defines the type of the TreeList pager. The available values are 'numeric' (buttons with numbers) and 'input' (input for typing the page number). Defaults to 'numeric'.
  • responsive—Toggles the built-in responsive behavior. Defaults to true.
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