Represents the Kendo UI ToolBar SplitButton for Angular.



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoToolBarSplitButtonInstance="kendoToolBarSplitButton"


disabled boolean

When set to true, disables a SplitButton item.

look ButtonLook

Changes the visual appearance by using alternative styling options
(see example).

The available values are:

  • default
  • flat
  • outline

showIcon DisplayMode

Specifies where button icon should be displayed

showText DisplayMode

Specifies where button text should be displayed

textField string

Configures the text field of the button-list popup.

data any[]

Sets the data of the SplitButton (see example).

The data has to be provided in an array-like list.

icon string

Defines the icon that will be rendered next to the button text
(see example).

iconClass string

Defines an icon with a custom CSS class that will be rendered next to the button text.

imageUrl string

Defines the location of an image that will be displayed next to the button text.

popupSettings PopupSettings

Configures the popup of the SplitButton.

The available options are:

  • animate:Boolean—Controls the popup animation. By default, the open and close animations are enabled.
  • popupClass:String—Specifies a list of CSS classes that are used to style the popup.

text string

Sets the text of the SplitButton (see example.


buttonClick EventEmitter

Fires each time the user clicks the main button.

itemClick EventEmitter

Fires each time the user clicks the drop-down list.
The event data contains the data item that is bound to the clicked list item.