Represents the Kendo UI Toolbar ButtonGroup for Angular.



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoToolBarButtonGroupInstance="kendoToolBarButtonGroup"


disabled boolean

By default, the ButtonGroup is enabled. To disable the whole group of buttons, set its disabled
attribute to true. To disable a specific button, set the disabled attribute of the button to
true and leave the disabled attribute of the ButtonGroup undefined. If you define the disabled
attribute of the ButtonGroup, it will take precedence over the disabled attributes of the underlying
buttons and they will be ignored.

look ButtonLook

Changes the visual appearance by using alternative styling options.
The look property of the ButtonGroup takes precedence over the look property
of the individual buttons that are part of the group.

The available values are:

  • bare
  • flat
  • outline

selection ButtonGroupSelection

By default, the selection mode of the ButtonGroup is set to multiple.

width string

Sets the width of the ButtonGroup.

If the width of the ButtonGroup is set:

  • The buttons resize automatically to fill the full width of the group wrapper.
  • The buttons acquire the same width.