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Represents the toolbar template of the Scheduler. To define a toolbar template, nest an <ng-template kendoSchedulerToolbarTemplate> tag inside <kendo-scheduler>. For more information and examples, refer to the article on customizing the toolbar of the Scheduler.

The template context receives the following template variables:

  • selectedDate—The currently selected date.
  • dateRange—The currently selected DateRange.
  • views—A SchedulerView array with the available views.
  • selectedView—The currently selected SchedulerView.

You can declare either of the following built-in navigation components in the toolbar template:

  • kendoSchedulerToolbarNavigation—Renders navigation buttons, a calendar, and a date-range label.
  • kendoSchedulerToolbarViewSelector—Renders the buttons for selecting the view.

To emit navigation events, the components inside the toolbar can inject the ToolbarService.



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