Represents an instance of a Scheduler calendar event.

dataItem? any

A reference to the original data item, if any.

description? string

The detailed description of the event.

end Date

The end date of the event.

endTimezone? string

The timezone name for the end date.

id? any

The unique identifier of the event.
Typically, the ID is a number.
Can also be a string or an object.

isAllDay? boolean

A Boolean flag which indicates that the event occurs throughout the day.

recurrenceExceptions? Date[]

The recurrence exceptions, if any.

recurrenceId? any

The id of the parent recurring event.

recurrenceRule? string

The rule which describes the recurring pattern of the event.

start Date

The start date of the event.

startTimezone? string

The timezone name for the start date.

title string

The title of the event.