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Remote Data Binding Directive

The PivotGrid component allows you to use data from an OLAP service.

Basic Usage

To get the PivotGrid running using the kendoPivotOLAPBinding directive, define the following configuration settings:

  • url—the OLAP service endpoint where the data is processed.
  • cube—the cube name that is used to retrieve data.
  • catalog—the database name used to retrieve the data from the specified connection string.
  • columnAxes—the column axes configuration of the PivotGrid.
  • rowAxes—the row axes configuration of the PivotGrid.
  • measureAxes—the measure axes configuration of the PivotGrid.

The following demo shows how to configure the PivotGrid component.

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Loading Indicator

The OLAP data-binding directive integrates a loader indicator to inform users about the status of ongoing processes while data is being fetched from the server.

The loader's appearance can be customized by using the loaderSettings property which provides the following set of predefined appearance options:

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