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Pager Settings and Types

The Pager component features multiple settings to customize the paging UI.


The pager types are:

  • Numeric - Renders buttons with numbers.
  • Input - Renders a NumericTextBox for entering the page number.

To configure the pager type and number of numeric buttons, use the type and buttonCount options:

  • type - Accepts the numeric (buttons with numbers) and input (NumericTextBox for entering the page number) values.
  • buttonCount - Sets the maximum number of numeric buttons to be rendered when type is numeric.


The following settings enable you to determine which built-in pager elements will be rendered:

  • pageSizeValues - Toggles a DropDownList with page size options, and allows you to provide the list of available page sizes.
  • previousNext - Toggles a set of Previous and Next buttons.
  • info - Toggles the information about the current page and the total number of records.

The following example demonstrates all available options in action.

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