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The BottomNavigation component allows you to specify a collection of items.

The item itself enables you to configure its content and content flow through the itemFlow property.

Item Content

To configure the content of the BottomNavigation items, use the following properties in its items collection:

  • icon—Renders icons next to the BottomNavigation items.
  • text—Renders text labels next to the BottomNavigation items.

To apply the corresponding state to the item, use the disabled and selected properties. For the full list of the options, refer to the API reference topic on the supported BottomNavigation item properties.

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Item Flow

To configure the flow of the BottomNavigation items content, use the itemFlow property.

itemFlow supports the following values:

  • vertical(Default)—Renders the text below the icon.
  • horizontal—Renders the icon and the text on the same line.
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