Represents the Kendo UI Menu component for Angular.

   selector: 'my-app',
   template: `
       <kendo-menu [items]="items">
class AppComponent {
   public items: any[] = [{ text: 'item1', items: [{ text: 'item1.1' }] }, { text: 'item2', disabled: true }];



Export Name

Accessible in templates as #kendoMenuInstance="kendoMenu"


animate boolean | MenuAnimation

Sets the Menu animation.

hoverDelay number

Specifies the delay in milliseconds before the Menu items are opened or closed on item hover
or leave (see example). Used to avoid the accidental
opening or closing of the items.

items any[]

Specifies the Menu items.

openOnClick boolean | OpenOnClickSettings

Specifies that the root items can be opened only on click
(see example).

vertical boolean

Specifies if the Menu will be vertical (see example).


close EventEmitter<MenuEvent>

Fires when a Menu item is closed.

open EventEmitter<MenuEvent>

Fires when a Menu item is opened.

select EventEmitter<MenuSelectEvent>

Fires when a Menu item is selected (see example).



Opens or closes the specified Menu items.


open boolean

A Boolean value which indicates if the items will be opened or closed.

indices string[]

One or more values which represent the hierarchical indices of the items that will be opened or closed.