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The Splitter provides options for setting the behavior of its panes.

By using these options, you can configure the following pane features:


The size property controls the dimensions of the Splitter panes. It accepts units in both pixel and percentage values. To control the minimum and maximum size of a pane, use the min and max properties of the SplitterPane component.

Specifying the Dimensions

To allow the Splitter to fully and evenly distribute the available space between panes of non-declared size, leave the size of one or more panes unspecified. Otherwise, if you declare size for all panes, the Splitter will throw an error in development mode.

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Persisting the Size

To persist the pane size, use a two-way binding on the size property and persist its value.

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By default, the Splitter enables the user to resize its panes. To disable this behavior, set the resizable property to false.

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You can enable a Splitter pane to collapse by setting the collapsible property to true. As a result, the Splitter renders a button which shows or, respectively, hides the pane. To collapse a pane, you can also double-click the split-bar. To render a pane that is initially collapsed, use the collapsed property.

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By default, the content of the Splitter panes is scrollable. To disable the scrolling feature, set the scrollable property to false.

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