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When I export a large data set that has more than 10,000 records, the browser hangs and becomes unresponsive. Is there a maximum limit of Grid rows and columns I can export?


When such a large data set is exported, the browser is expected to hang or become unresponsive.

Since Kendo UI for Angular is executed within the browser, some factors which apply to the Excel export functionality, such as the current system and browser-specific limit, cannot be controlled by the Kendo UI for Angular team. The maximum file size of the exported PDF document also depends on these factors and, therefore, the team is unable to specify a maximum file size that can be exported.


When exporting large data sets as described in the limitations section of the PDF Export, it is recommended that you use a server-side solution. For example, use any third-party tool like the RadPDFProcessing library that is a part of the Telerik Document Processing product.

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