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Install Kendo UI for Angular Editor Using Yarn


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When I am trying to install the Kendo UI for Angular Editor using the Yarn package manager the application does not compile.


Using the Quick Setup with Angular CLI approach will automatically use the default package manager (npm).

Yarn, in comparison with npm, has a different dependency resolution. In the discussed case, it fails to correctly resolve all Editor dependencies automatically.


Add a resolutions field to your package.json file, and define the correct ProseMirror package versions. Read more about the Selective dependency resolutions.

  1. Run the following command to fetch the versions, specified by the kendo-editor-common package.

    yarn info @progress/kendo-editor-common | grep prosemirror

    The command will return a result, similar to the following (versions may vary).

    'prosemirror-commands': '1.2.2',
    'prosemirror-history': '1.2.0',
    'prosemirror-inputrules': '1.1.3',
    'prosemirror-keymap': '1.1.5',
    'prosemirror-model': '1.16.1',
    'prosemirror-schema-list': '1.1.6',
    'prosemirror-state': '1.3.4',
    'prosemirror-view': '1.23.12',
    'prosemirror-dropcursor': '1.4.0',
    'prosemirror-gapcursor': '1.2.2',
    'prosemirror-tables': '1.1.1',
    'prosemirror-transform': '1.4.2',
    '@types/prosemirror-commands': '1.0.4',
    '@types/prosemirror-history': '1.0.3',
    '@types/prosemirror-inputrules': '1.0.2',
    '@types/prosemirror-keymap': '1.0.2',
    '@types/prosemirror-model': '1.16.1',
    '@types/prosemirror-schema-list': '1.0.3',
    '@types/prosemirror-state': '1.2.4',
    '@types/prosemirror-view': '1.11.4',
    '@types/prosemirror-dropcursor': '1.0.3',
    '@types/prosemirror-gapcursor': '1.0.4',
    '@types/prosemirror-transform': '1.1.6'
  2. Add the packages with their respective versions to the resolutions field in the package.json file.

    "dependencies": {
    "devDependencies": {
    "resolutions": {
        "prosemirror-commands": "1.2.2",
        "prosemirror-history": "1.2.0",

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